Simply Organic Search Marketing

You've probably seen ads from companies offering search engine optimization services for $199 a month, $399 a month, etc. We do it differently. Instead of charging monthly for work that is not needed, our service is offered for a one-time fee

Search engines have changed radically the past few years. Today an initial round of core optimization, with some formatting changes on primary pages, will improve your organic presence and should be all that is needed for the foreseeable future for most well-managed websites.

More than just keywords on a page.

Search engine optimization today is far more than just the keywords on your web pages. Websites today need to be optimized for voice search, for the new ways results are being displayed, and for speed, which matters more than ever.*

Our organic search engine optimization service optimizes the core elements that affect your website's rankings and even performance. Things like:

  • Schema.
  • Structuring content to answer voice searches and to be displayed in featured snippets.
  • Identifying and correctly using the right phrases in your web pages.
  • Properly formatting elements of primary/landing pages.
  • Optimizing your website for speed.
  • And of course, getting your local listings right!

We know what we're doing

We have kept ourselves on top of organic search optimization for over 20 years, and handled organic search engine optimization for many companies. You know some of them because you’ve eaten their soup, enjoyed their snacks, maybe ran in their shoes, and watched or even participated in one of their athletic endurance events.  

LET Us Optimize Your Website

If all of this SEO stuff seems a little too much, that's why we're here.  We’d love to get your website optimized for success today and into the future.

what does it cost?

* Our optimization service makes website content eligible for voice search and other newer results displays and snippets.